18th Ljudevit Jurak International Symposium on Comparative Pathology

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includes lectures, short courses, slide seminars, free papers and posters on the symposium sections:
. A) Pathological Morphology of Human and Animal Diseases
. B) Iatrogenic, Environmental and Experimental Pathology
. C) Herman Jurak Lecture on Rheumatological Pathology
. D) Clinical Forensic Pathology
. E) Slide Seminars in histopathology
. F) Advances in patholomorphology techniques organized by Croatian Association of Laboratory Medicine
Full presentanions in wmv format: 4. M. Kos 8. F. Del Piero
1. Opening ceremony 5. A. Cizmic 9. S. Tkalcic
2.  FF. Nogales 6. G. Stanta 10. H. G. Fassbender
3. C. Bergeron 7. Annual Meeting… 11.  ADVANCES…

Friday June 1, 2007 (8,00-17,00)

Registration – 8,00 a.m.
Opening ceremony – 9,00 a.m.   

Ljudevit Jurak Award ceremony
The ”Ljudevit Jurak” Award for Comparative Pathology was established in 1998 with intention to encourage worldwide comparative research of animal and human diseases. The Award named by Professor Jurak is in memory to his contribution to the medical, forensic and veterinary sciences and to his medical ethics.
(http://www.kbsm.hr/Jurak/nagrada.html and http://www.kbsm.hr/Jurak/JURAK-biog.html.)

Memorial lectures
Chair persons: M. Belicza, F. Del Piero, B. Krušlin 
10.00 Francisco Fernandez Nogales (Spain): Endometrial pathology of menopause
10.30 Christine Bergeron (France): Screening and vaccination: a synergy for cervical carcinoma
11.00 -11.30 Coffee break and musical intermezzo

Chair persons: C. Bergeron, F.F. Nogales, M. Kos

Invited lectures

11.30 Marina Kos (Croatia): Estimation of time and cause of perinatal death (in stillborn infants)
11.50 Ante Čizmić (Croatia): Congenital tumors 
12.10 Giorgio Stanta (Italy): Molecular Evidence Medicine European Groups: a new approach to accelerate clinical application of molecular methods 

12.50 Discussion 

13.15 -15.00 Lunch time

Annual Meeting of Croatian Association of Pathology and Forensic medicine
will be held in main hall of the Multimedia Center Sestre milosrdnice
University Hospital during lunch time from 13.15 to 15.00.

Chair persons: F. Bulić-Jakuš, Ž. Grabarević, G. Stanta
Invited lecture 
15.00 Fabio Del Piero (USA): 
Comparative pathology of the placenta in domestic animals 

15.30 Suzana Tkalcic (USA):
 Forefronts of veterinary medical education: Teaching pathology in problem based learning (PBL)-curriculum 

16.00-16.15 Discussion 

Dedicated to Prof. Ljudevit Jurak’s son dr. Herman Jurak, one of the establishes of rheumathology in Croatia. 

Chair persons: S. Grazio, D. Ježek 

16.15-17.00 H. G. Fassbender, Regine Fassbender (Germany): Polymyalgia Rheumatica 

Restaurant: “Hrvatski kulturni klub”, Trg Maršala Tita 10, Zagreb 

Saturday June 2, 2007 (9,00-14,00)

08.00- 09.30
organized by The Croatian Association of Laboratory Medicine (CALM) 

Chair persons: D. Baličević, J. Matić, S. Kuštreba

08.00 N. Popov, D. Bodetić. Lj. Mikan, M. Kovačević , S. Morić, T. Vuk, M.Tomičić, I. Jukić (Croatia): Ethylendiamine-tetra-acetic acid (EDTA) dependent pseudothrombocytopenia – screening and confirmatory testing 
08.15 R. Štimac, T. Očić, M. Barišić, S. Morić, R. Antolović, S. Jelušić, T. Vuk (Croatia): Determination of residual WBCs in leukodepleted platelet concentrates using nageotte chamber: results of validation 
08.30 S. Salamunović, R. Žunec, V. Kerhin-Brkljačić (Croatia): Molecular typing in HLA associated diseases 
08.45 J. Matić, Z. Marušić, P. Radulović, H. Čupić, M. Vučić, D. Tomas, B. Krušlin, M. Belicza (Croatia): Assesment of tissue specimens processed by classical and substitute fixation procedure: histotechnologist’s point of view 
09.00 Z. Bogović, D. Baličević (Croatia): Application of histochemical staining methods for differentiation of AA and AL amyloid 

09.15 – 09.45 Coffe break and musical intermezzo

Lecture organized by Solopharm 
09.45-10.15 M. Nola (Croatia): Fabry disease 


Francisco Fernandez Nogales: A study in morphological deception


Fabio  Del Piero  

12.00-12.30 Coffe break and musical intermezzo 


All posters presented will be discussed.
 Only discussed posters will be considered for the award.


[ Abstracts p.21-26 ] 
[ Abstracts p.27-38 ]


Second hall of the Multimedia Center Sestre milosrdnice University Hospital
Friday, June 1, 2007 

1. S. Stolnicu, T. González Rocha, E. Muñoz, F. F. Nogales (Romania) Polyphenotypic extrarenal uterine nephroblastoma with trilaminar differentiation and a PNET overgrowth
2. T. González Rocha, S. Stolnicu, C. Buriticá, M. C. Padilla, F. F. Nogales (Spain, Romania) Biphasic placenta with normal and molar areas coexisting with live female foetus: demonstration by genetic identity methods of a fused twin origin
3. G. Crisman, G. Trevisan, F. Silvestri (Italy) Herpes Gestationis: a successful treatment with corticosteroid in association with Dapsone
4. E. Garcia-Ureta, O. Robles Veiga, R. Álvarez Rodríguez, J. Pombo Otero (Spain) Cytologic features of pulmonary benign metastasizing leiomyoma from the uterus: report of a case
5. S. Vranić, S. Đuričić, I. Suljević, N. Bilalović (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia) Unrecognized epignathus followed by airway obstruction as a cause of neonatal death
6. B. Pigac, O. Kirchbaum, J. Vuković, D. Plazanić, Ž. Hren (Croatia) Ectopic decidua
7. A. Škrtić, K. Horvat, S. Džebro (Croatia) Meckel – Gruber syndrome – a case report
8. K. Horvat, A. Škrtić, S. Džebro, G. Zovko, S. Gašparov (Croatia) Mature solid teratoma of the uterine corpus – a case report
9. M. Krašević, S. Behrem, R. Kušec, D. Petranović, N. Jonjić (Croatia) Primary uterine B-cell lymphoma – a case report
10. T. Leniček, M. Kos (Croatia) Twin pregnancy with a fetus and a coexistent aneuploid hydatiform mole
11. A. Pangerčić, S. Handanagić, M. Kos (Croatia) Morphological characteristics of Meckel Gruber syndrome
12. S. Duganovska, G. Petruševska, B. Bogoeva, V. Janevska, B. Dimova, R. Jovanović, B. Dukova (Macedonia) Obstructive lesions in the “outlet” and “inlet” tracts of the heart caused by tumors in infants
13. T. Bujas, I. Pavić, T. Hudolin, P. Radulović, A. Demirović, D. Tomas, M. Belicza, B. Krušlin (Croatia) Expression of NY-ESO1 protein in renal oncocytoma and chromophobe renal cell carcinoma
14. M. Ugljarević, M. Mrčela, A. Blažanović, V. Žarkić, Margareta Ugljarević, B. Krušlin (Croatia) Unclassified mixed germ cell and sex cord-stromal tumour of the testis – a case report
15. K. Tomić, K. Jakovina, I. Mahovne, I. Hodak, Lj. Fuštar-Preradović, L. Tomić, Z. Medverec, T. Jakovina (Croatia) Micropapillary variant of urothelial carcinoma of the renal pelvis-a case report
16. A. Pačić, S.Bulimbašić, A. Bauer-Šegvić, M. Knotek, K. Galešić, M. Sabljar-Matovinović, I. Horvatić, D.Ljubanović, Š. Križanac (Croatia) Pathological findings in kidney non-tumor biopsies: a four year experience
POSTERS – Second hall of the Multimedia Center Sestre milosrdnice University Hospital
Saturday, June 2, 2007
17. K. Tomić, I. Mahovne, K. Jakovina, M. Vukelić, T. Jakovina, A. Barišić, Z. Medverec, B. Krušlin, M. Belicza (Croatia) Renal artery changes in patients with urothelial carcinoma of the upper urinary system and endemic nephropathy
18. Z. Marušić, T. Bujas, I. Pavić, P. Radulović, T. Leniček, A. Demirović, H. Čupić, D. Tomas (Croatia) Stromal eosinophil count in invasive (pT1) and non-invasive (pTa) papillary urothelial carcinoma of the urinary bladder
19. D. Müller, Č. Tomasović-Lončarić, B. Krušlin (Croatia) Correlation of expression of growth hormone receptor on dysplastic naevus and malignant melanoma of the skin
20. D. Biočina-Lukenda, D. Baličević (Croatia) Expression of tissue antigen EGFR in patients with oral lichen rubber
21. L. Labinac-Peteh, I Kučinar, J. Zarubica-Mavsar, D. Tomas, B. Krušlin (Croatia) Peritumoral retraction clefting-useful morphologic feature for the diagnosis of ductal invasive carcinoma of the breast
22. E. Garcia-Ureta, O. Robles Veiga, R. Alvarez Rodríguez, J. Pombo Otero (Spain) Cytologic features of pulmonary metastasizing leiomyosarcoma. Report of a case diagnosed by fine needle aspiration cytology
23. R. Kleina, V. Tipaine (Latvia) Primary and secondary tumors of lung in comparison with exogenous pollutants
24. N. Sinčić, M. Vlahović, V. Ozretić, F. Bulić-Jakuš, Lj. Šerman, F. Paić, A. Katušić, G. Jurić-Lekić (Croatia) Survival of rat and mouse foetuses after treatment with teratogens
25. L. Šerman, F. Bulić-Jakuš, D. Dodig, A. Šerman, M. Vlahović, N. Sinčić, A. Katušić, G. Jurić-Lekić, F. Paić (Croatia) 5-azacytidine changes volume density of proliferative trophoblast cells in rat placenta
26. R. H. Evans, S. Tkalcic (USA) Urogenital carcinomas in california sea lions (Zalophus californianus)
27. A. Bonevski, D. Anzulović, K. Meljanac, L. Brčić, L. Batelja, I. Brčić, S. Seiwerth (Croatia) Ewing sarcoma, a retrospective study
28. I. Pavić, Z. Marušić. P. Radulović, J. Matić, H. Čupić, M. Vučić, D. Tomas, B. Krušlin, M. Belicza (Croatia) Histomorphologic assessment of tissue specimens processed by classical and substitute fixation procedure
29. D. Ježek, D. Geist, Lj. Banek, G. Jurić Lekić, H. P. Karnthaler, T. Waitz, B. Foretić, K. Šemanjski (Croatia, Austria) Reinke’s crystals in infertile patients
30. D. Jandrić, G. Stanić, F. Stipoljev, B. Mišković, A. Pirkić (Croatia) Complete hydatiform mole with coexisting live newborn in twin gestation